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The Road to Recovery

We are here to serve you and your claim, every step of the way. View our step-by step process below:


Safety First
Your things can be replaced, but you and your tenants, employees, or business partners can not. The first step is to ensure the well-being of you and those you cherish the most.


According to the standard insurance policy conditions, the policyholder must act to ensure that the property is protected from incurring further damage.


Planning For Your Recovery
Having a strategic gameplan will set the tone for the rest of your claim. We understand that your goal is to get your business up-and-running as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure that we establish definitive goals to get you back to pre-loss conditions, while maximizing your claim settlement at an accelerated recovery-rate.


Interpreting Your Policy
You absolutely must know the 'ins and outs' of your policy at this pivotal time. This step will determine if your claim is accepted or denied. It is understandable that this is an overwhelming time, but you are still tasked with duties and responsibilities that will heavily impact your claim's success. Our team will proudly handle this on your behalf.


 Estimating Your Structure Damages, Personal Property Damages, and Loss of Income
Your insurance company requires you to submit a detailed list of items and estimates corresponding to your loss. This step will set the tone with the initial negotiation process. Without an expert handling this portion of your claim, the insurance carrier will estimate only what they deem is fair. We are licensed by the state with the authority to advocate on your behalf to maximize this portion of your claim. We strive to reach settlement agreements that are higher than what the insurance company will offer you. We do so by utilizing our knowledge, experience and experiences that we have spent 20+ combined years accumulating. You will want our experts to do the heavy lifting for you to ensure maximum settlement.


Negotiating Your Settlement
The insurance company will have their own opinions on what they feel your loss is worth. We are ready to defend our documentation and reach a mutual agreement that satisfies both parties.


Restoring Your Property
Once a mutual agreement has been made, you will be able to start the process of getting back up-and-running. Over the last decade, we have formed great relationships with companies that will take the time to make sure your property is restored with care. You will be able to take advantage of the relationships we have created, or choose whoever you would like to get your property restored. 

We will walk you through the proper steps of recovering any 'holdback' settlements that the insurance company pays after the work is completed.

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