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Insurance claims done right.

About Us
Your Insurance Claim Experts

Damond Toles, Senior Public Adjuster
Lic#2456804 | (IICRC) Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician #1884

Damond has proudly been serving clients for 10 years. He currently assists homeowners and property owners in 11 states, and is continuing to expand his reach. In addition to having a licensed public adjuster designation, Damond is also a certified IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician. This certification allows Damond to understand the science to recovering from fire losses, while ensuring that he handles every detail of your claim. When Damond is not handling claims, he is proudly serving the country in the United States Air National Guard.


Lamar Toles, PCLA
Lic#2345176 | (IICRC) Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician #61312123

Lamar has proudly been serving clients for 14 years and has achieved the designation of PCLA, one of the most respected designations in the industry. In addition to having a licensed public adjuster designation, Lamar is also a certified IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician. Lamar currently is the head of operations in over 11 states. His extensive knowledge allows him to be the asset you need to recover from your loss  efficiently, while steering your claim to its best possible outcome.

Your Fast-Track To Recovery
The Claims For You Experience

Not all licensed public adjusters operate the same. Here's what you get when you partner with us:


Technological Advantages
Our team has mastered the art of using modern day technology to your advantage. Our adjusters are able to run your entire claim from their smartphone devices, allowing for maximum efficiency, even when on the road. We operate the way you would like; with the ability to keep you updated through texts, emails, or however you'd prefer. This allows claims to be handled much faster. Do NOT settle for outdated methods. We put convenience at the center of our gameplan.


Continuing Education
In an industry that has proven to be dynamic, we strive to stay up-to-date with the newest guidelines and regulations to ensure that you get the utmost results.


Going The Extra Mile
We understand how difficult things can be during this tough time. Our team members have suffered losses in their homes as well in the past, and are able to truly sympathize with you and your family. That is why you will be able to text us after-hours & on weekends and get a response!

In some situations, our team-members will offer to pay for emergency hotel-stays to ensure that you are safe, at no cost to you!

We are willing to go the extra mile to assist our community, even if it means providing resources at our expense.

Why Us
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